Trex Fencing: Beauty in Design

I was thinking the other day about some of the things I love about composite fencing. It is really a beautiful thing. The engineers that designed these fences should be awarded. One brand in particular stands above all the rest in terms of design and functionality: Trex.

Trex composite fencing has been around for about 7 years. When they first decided to make composite fencing they consulted contractors around the country to get their input on design. Together they came up with the design for Trex Seclusions. It’s made to mimic a wood privacy fence. It uses the top and bottom and top rail design, the interlocking panels, and other features common in a traditional wood privacy fence.

Trex Winchester Grey (Left) Grey Stained Cedar (Right)

Last year Trex decided that they were going to change their distribution model so they came to their biggest supporters for help. You may have heard rumors that Trex fencing has been discontinued, however, those rumors are completely false. However, that’s another story for another day.

I want to talk about some of the basic design elements of Trex Seclusions composite fencing. There are three basic elements to Trex Seclusions: the interlocking panels, the reinforcing steel rail, and the color pigment.

The interlocking panels serve a variety of purposes. First, it makes it so they can go together easy. Because the panels interlock you avoid having to nail each and every panel to the top and bottom rails of your fence. This not only saves time but added expenses when it comes to the “extras” of a fence like nails and other fasteners.

Trex Composite Fencing Panels

The interlocking panels also give Trex its unbeatable strength. When your fence has an impact or faces high wind, the panels distribute the weight evenly to avoid individual panels chipping or breaking. You can see evidence of what high winds can do to a lower quality fence by looking at vinyl fences after a windstorm. They’ll have holes, nicks, or in some cases be completely blown over. The final thing that the interlocking panels does is make it a “neighbor friendly” fence. Basically, this means that the fence is the same on both sides. This feature qualifies Trex composite fencing for installation in many HOAs across the country and it makes it perfect for government projects, private businesses, or anyone looking to add curb appeal to their property. Also, other composite fence companies use a traditional dog ear model for their fence. If you want your fence to have this look you will have to pay extra.Trex Composite Fencing

Another feature is the strength in the bottom aluminum rail. This rail provides strength against warping and twisting. Traditional, dog eared wood or composite fences do not have the reinforcing aluminum rail. This makes them much more prone to warping. It also adds even more strength to the fence. Because of the aluminum rail and the interlocking design Trex Seclusions has been rated to withstand constant winds of 110 MPH and gusts up to 130 MPH. This makes Trex the strongest composite fencing available.

Trex Composite Fencing

One of the biggest complaints about composite fencing is that it fades in color. Other companies address this by putting in UV blockers into the pigment, however, this often leads to the color flaking off. It also doesn’t completely stop the fading process, it only slows it down. Trex brings a unique solution to the problem of color fading. They intentionally overpigment their fence color. After a few weeks the sun has bleached the color as much as its going to and you are left with the color that was intended by Trex. Pretty smart, huh?

Trex has the best design in composite fencing available. With its interlocking panels, reinforcing aluminum rail and over-pigmented color it will surpass all of your expectations. Contact us on how you can get Trex fencing no matter where you are at.

Trex Composite Fencing