Trex Gates & Hardware

CFC has developed unique, prioritary designs for each of our customers. Whether you are looking for a privacy gate that blends into your fence line without standing out or a custom design to create a unique flair, CFC is your choice for installed fence gates. All gates have a galvanized frame hidden from view on the outside. By default, just like the Trex fence all gates look the same on both sides. We do both basic panel gates and custom designs. Gate hardware has been specifically designed to match up with Trex gates.

Basic Trex Gates

We build basic Trex gates in two sizes. Standard gates are built to fit in a gate opening 46 ¼”  wide. The panels themselves are slightly smaller (44 3/8″ wide) to allow for full adjustment for your gate. Large panels  are build for a 65 ¾” gate opening. Its panels measure 63 7/8″ wide to allow the same adjustments to your gate.

Both the standard and the large gates can be turned into a double gate by combing either two standard gate panels (91 1/2″ gate opening), a large gate panel and a standard gate panel (112″ gate opening), or two large gate panels (130 1/2″ gate opening).

For a list of hardware needed for both single and double gates, click here.


Trex Fencing Composite



Double Gates


Custom Trex Gates

Custom Trex gates come in seven unique styles: Shaker, Sunburst, Mission. Custom gates are available in fixed width openings: 46 ¼” for single gates and 130 ½” for double gates.

Trex Custom Gates are a signature series of designs from CFC. These styles are popular variations on the standard style. Other customizations may be available if details can be provided for review. All custom gates use the same hardware as basic panels.


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Gate Hardware

Our unique hinges and latches are designed specifically for the weight and dimensions of our Trex gates. The hardware wraps around the gate panel allowing all fasteners to attach to the internal steel frame. The hardware includes black powder-coated, stainless steel components to avoid corrosion typical to mild steel, particularly for customers in coastal or high humidity areas. Our hardware is not just strong and durable, but fully and easily adjustable.

Single-Gate-Hardware Trex Fencing
Hardware for a Single Gate
Double-Gate-Hardware Trex Composite Fencing
Hardware for a Double Gate